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Mobile Car Detailing

Vehicle wheels, wheel rims, trim and front cover are first pre-soaked, rinsed and passed to loosen and remove dirt, grime, grease and insect debris splatter. Then the piles of laundry soap suds bubbling cars with a special polymer is used to wash the vehicle with a lamb’s wool glove to leave a shimmering, dazzling brilliance. All exterior rubber and vinyl adjustment are treated to a condition. The interior is aspirated; the dash and steering column are wet given special attention and dusted clean mirrors, windows, windows and tips. Interior fragrance is available on request.

Car Detailing Charlotte NC

Hand Car Wash

Mobile Car Detailing Charlotte to provide a car wash experience really enjoyable and satisfying hand to each of our clients. Our goal is to develop a relationship of trust with you, which is defined by honesty, integrity and fairness. With over 10 years of experience. All vehicles are washed using only genuine wool gloves and hand dry cloth to prevent scratching hand. To protect your painting, use 110% carnauba wax for a shiny, glossy finish. Inside, air and preservation of high quality leather to protect and beautify your interior leather is used.

Auto Detailing Charlotte NC

Polishing and Waxing

Our deep gloss polished two-step intended to correct imperfections in the paint minor to medium and small scratches and oxidation. Your car is the first professionally polishing machine or hand through our exclusive process swirl free polishing foam pad that uses special glazes, enamels with resins to restore the painting to close to its original beauty. Our cherry wax is applied by hand or machine to seal in protecting and leave a “wet look” brilliant shine. Up to 6 months of protection, additional cost for compounding..

Mobile Auto Detailing Charlotte NC

Interior Detailing

The interior is drawn first to loosen and remove dirt, dust particles floor boards, folds up, rear tray and all cracks and crevices. All components of vinyl and leather trim are cleaned and treated to a perfect condition. Special attention to launching board, consoles, door panels and pockets. Carpets and upholstery are then pre-stained hand with shampoo and finally cleaned well with a special extractor heated to remove embedded dirt, dirt and smells rancid. Special interior cleaning products used are pH balanced and contain optical brighteners. All interior and exterior windows, mirrors and gauges are cleaned to perfection. Several interior fragrances are available. Price range may be greater if the interior is very dirty.

Mobile Car Detailing Charlotte NC

Paint Over-Spray Removal

Many vehicles today are subject to paint over-spray freshly painted bridges, buildings and roads. Left untouched painting may have infiltrated deep into the clear coating paints today so it is almost impossible to remove. Our procedure claying easily remove most paint overspray quickly and safely. We recommend one of our external protection services after this procedure.

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